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I mean, whod ever figure his own mother to be turned on by one of her nephews? First, my smooth-talking cousin talked Mother into sitting between us on the small couch in the rear of his camper van.Then he talked her into drinking some beer with us.She was already a bit gone and this would really do her in.We waited for the movie to begin, and as we sat in the back of the van and talked and drank, I thought Mother was becoming a little careless with her skirt.It all began on a Friday night at a dull party put on by my cousin's parents.The people there were all family and friends of our folks, and my evening started out really dull.Her arms slid around his neck as she did, and I didnt know what the hell to do.

Then he asked my busty mother if shed like to go to a drive-in movie with us!For sure, my mother isnt the drive-in movie type, but she was a little tipsy from drinking and that night she told my cousin she was bored and wanted to have a little fun.As my cousin sneaked a look at her big tits, I knew what his idea of fun was going to be, and I had a little trouble swallowing.As I think about it now, looking back over the years, Mother has always been silly and flirty and not herself when my handsome cousin was around, but I never once thought a thing about it.Even when she giggled and rubbed against him when we left the party that night I still didnt see it. My surprises continued when we arrived at the drive-in.

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  1. She mocked his manhood labelling him "Danny Chipolata"."She was cool, but it wasn’t anything major and then it was written about in her books later on.“I have no ill feeling towards that and it’s just how it is.

  2. What would we want them to find — and what would we wish had stayed buried forever? It was there when it was in style — and it was there when it wasn’t.

  3. While such behavior is more typical in polycrystals where grain boundary diffusion becomes rate controlling at lower temperatures, there is apparently some structural factor in these monocrystals that promotes low temperature diffusion.